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What is Curious Movement?

Part dance…Part yoga…Pure JOY!

Each class is a moving mediation that will release stuck energy, invite curiosity, build community and leave you sweaty and smiling. This is a connection to music. A body, mind and spirit release. Oh and did we mention that it is FUN!

Curious? Why Curious? Well, curious means eager to know or learn something. In this class you are invited to trust your inner knowledge, given permission to reconnect to your natural curiosity and encouraged to challenge the ways of being that keep you stuck physically, mentally and spiritually. Curious Movement is about being in your body with a clear mind and open heart. No dance or yoga experience needed…just you exactly as you are!


What does a Curious Movement class look like? There is music, breathwork, dance, noise, maybe an asana or an intention, smiling, sweating, and shaking the joy out. It is a series of “what ifs”…What if I take up my space? What if I make noise? What if instead of pushing I take a moment and breathe? What if I give my body permission to move and not worry about a wiggle or a shake? What if I shake and it feels awesome? What if I observe and don’t judge? What if I can? Are you feeling it yet…that little spark and you kinda think you might want to know….WELCOME MY CURIOUS FRIEND! I am holding this space for you.

Where can you find Curious Movement?

Check back for class availability or if you want to bring Curious Movement to your group, studio or organization reach out to Lulu!

School/Office supplies


Bring Curious Movement to your PE Class, SEL event or teacher workshop day!

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Yoga/Dance Studio

Looking to add a moving mediation or creative movement style class to your offerings?

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Office/Team Building Event

As we come back together and learn to be in each other’s spaces once again Curious Movement is a way to re-build the team and release that creative energy!

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I’m Curious! Where or Who do you want take Curious Movement to? Bring your thoughts and together we can ask “What if…”

Lulu Miller Morris

Creative Movement is the heart and soul of Julie “Lulu” Miller Morris. A Yoga Alliance 200RYT certified yoga teacher, life long dancer, lover of music, bringer of light, plant hoarder, fantastic hugger and so much more.  She developed Curious Movement as an AH-HA moment when she realized that this is her gift to share with the world and gave herself the permission to bring it to you. A way to help guide others to their own light and joy! An eager learner and teacher and curiosity seeker.

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Ready To Get Started?

Reach out to Lulu and then buckle up kids because this is going to be FUN!

Lulu’s Curious Movement class was more than I could imagine in terms of self love, building community and fun movement! Everyone needs to try this!


Lulu brings so much energy and positivity to her classes. I left my first session feeling completely recharged and inspired, like I could truly dance and move my body however I wanted to, and that was such an enlightening feeling! 

- Melanie

Lulu is amazing! I know…I married her!

- Zonkie

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What if I have questions?

Want to learn how to be a curiousity catalyst? Want to host a private event? Want information on workshops? Want to schedule Lulu to come and speak at your event?