Hello Loves! 

Let’s talk about the F word! I say it. A LOT. That bothers some of you. I understand that. Here is the thing…. I invite you to be a little curious…. Why does an adult using a word with other adults (when kids are present I stay G-Rated) that is not directed at another person, but  aimed at the ways that we use our thoughts to limit ourselves and judge others… causing  you distress?  

I know this because of feedback received and passed along to me, and I’m sorry that people did not feel like they could approach me and ask why I use that language. So, for anyone that is wondering, my program is about freeing up your joy, shining your light, deepening self-love, and one of the ways I strip us of the expectations that have been placed on us, fire up an emotional reaction, and metaphorically shake you free is by using strong language that is shocking! I WANT you to be shocked! I want you to be shaken right out of your ways of being that you are taking for granted that you cannot or will not change! I want you bring your negative self talk to mind and recognize that they are sh*tty words you are using… and yes, I mean  that because I want them to be SO offensive to you that you STOP repeating them to yourself! I want you to give yourself permission to become so sick of your limiting beliefs about your worth, that you give them the finger! I want you to shock yourself with how amazing you are! I want you to question anything that keeps you small, stuck, and disconnected from your joy! 

My language isn’t used to be hurtful, and if the F word hurts you, this class isn’t for you. I hope that you find a class that moves you and I release you with love and light and no Fs given! XO Lulu