“Because you are alive, all things are possible.” – Thich Naht Hanh

Hey loves…. There is a lot happening in our world. There are a lot of people who are hurting. When I don’t know what to say, I go silent, but silence isn’t curious. I want to first acknowledge that I am NOT an expert on the Middle East Conflict, immigration, the budget, religion or what it is to be a Black, Jewish, Deaf, Asian, Male, Gay, Muslim, Brown, Trans, Thin, Latinx, Short, Hindu, Elderly, or Blind in the world living this human experience we are having. I will leave the FACTS to the experts, those for whom this is their lived experience to speak to it, but curiosity….that is for all of us. Can you be curious? It is easy to see the images, read the reports, that feed the narrative for “your side”, and most of us do. I talk about this in Curious Movement sessions…. your amazing brain will look for ways for you to be “right”, so you will unconsciously seek out the information from sources that are aligned with you and your beliefs and in this world of algorithms, it is easier than ever. In this time, when there is so much hatred, division, and hurt being inflicted on “others”, I am inviting you to be curious of the ways that we are connected. Challenge yourself. Read something written by someone with a different perspective on whatever it is you are reading about. Listen and ask questions, not in a “gotcha” way, but to grow your understanding. I have been afraid to ask questions, afraid to insult or cause hurt, or seem stupid, privileged or insensitive, but if I don’t get comfortable being uncomfortable then I will never grow or change or help. Practice empathy and compassion over “being right”. I see more harm inflicted in this world over religion, the thing that is meant to bring people closer to divine. There is more pain inflicted by those who have, onto those who have not. There are so many ways for us to OTHER each other, and turn our backs, and “take care of our own”, and ignore the suffering of OTHERS. In this time, I think the most radical action you can take is to invite curiosity, find the connections, search for the ways that we are the same. Seek out opportunities to connect with people who do NOT share your ways of walking in the world. Seek out connection. In connection there is joy and hope and love and humanity. If you cannot find a connection with the person in front of you, feel your heart and take in a breath…they too have a heart and take in breath. There is a whole world out there limiting your possibilities, so please do not limit yourself. I am sending you love and I am wishing you comfort, safety, light, and peace, for all. XO Lulu