Hello Loves….

Today is the new moon in Virgo. For all of you who just gave me a big eye-roll and said HOKUM! I am so proud of you for still being here and following along this far! (Yes, I am looking at you Zonk). Honestly, I sat with this musing and was questioning myself. “Is this too out there?” “You don’t know enough yourself!” “Is this going to make people question everything else you are putting out and think you are a ‘flake’?” “Why are you even worried, no one will read it anyway?!” … Do you hear her? That is Edith, my trusty inner critic and if you are now REALLY confused you can go back and read this post: https://curiousmovements.com/2023/07/introducing-edith/

for a formal introduction…. So I sat, I planted my feet on the earth and took in a breath and held it, I placed a hand on my heart and an hand on my belly and exhaled longer than I inhaled, I opened my eyes and said (out loud) … “No fucks!” And here we are!

 I have been more and more curious about the moon cycles, natural cycles and how by paying attention to our connection to these we are able to create ease and joy and magic (YES! I said MAGIC) in our lives. I have so much to learn, but maybe you are interested too, and this is a fun journey for us to be on together. Before you dismiss me entirely, I invite you to be curious for a moment…. If the phase of the moon affects the tides, why would it not affect us, when we too are mostly water? So maybe there is something? There are cycles and seasons all around us and we live our lives by them, and we create rituals and practices around them. If you are shaking your head…What season are we in for you…Fall? School? Football? Harvest? Perimenopause? Shower (wedding/baby)? Interesting, isn’t it? All of these things are seasonal or cyclical in our lives and there are rituals for each… back to school shopping, apple picking, football parties, fantasy football something or others, changing the clothes from season to season, and the purchasing of “cooling sheets” when you start the night sweats…are just a couple of examples.. So maybe there is something? Curious?

 Here is where I pause and offer the most gratitude to Annie (my daughter),who has helped me to remember what I always knew and through hercuriosity I have remembered my own. I love you. You amaze me.

 The Virgo New Moon…. Around the new moon you may notice that you have a feeling of being sluggish or wiped out. New moons can have us wanting stillness, rest, and this is a time for some introspection. This one comes as we are transitioning from fun and ease of summer into the structure that the fall brings.  You may never have thought about this in this way. I hadn’t. I find it fascinating that we have continued to follow this cycle and when you stop and look back and wonder why we crave that structure this time of year, as we prepare to harvest and head into the next season of dark it kind of makes sense. The Virgo energy is wanting you to organize your intentions and get you focused on showing up for yourself. It is about balancing who you want to be with acceptance and love for who you currently are. Hate and shame may be a catalyst or a spark, but it is only through love that anything will change or grow.

 This is a powerful time to set intentions and take a moment to notice where your habits/thoughts are not aligned with the life you want to be living. If you’re like me you may be allowing self-doubt, perfectionism and/or self-criticism to keep you stuck. You may be using these as tools to rationalize that you are not worthy or deserving. So be honest with yourself about the conditions you are placing on your worth. REMINDER: YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE AND JOY AND WONDER. NO CONDITIONS. One way is to try a new moon ritual tonight. Practices or rituals allow you to infuse the actions you are taking with the power of your focus and intent. Starting your day, making tea, journalling, moving your body, being in nature, taking a breath can all be a way to connect your intention with your thoughts/actions and remove some of the noise that may be getting in your way.

I am going to be using this tea ritual tonight and I invite you to try it too, or maybe you use a different ritual or create your own, and if you do please share.


 Take a moment and stand with your feet on the earth (if you can do this barefoot outside is best). Connect to your breath and allow yourself to feel the ground beneath you and repeat in your mind (or out loud) NOTE: this doesn’t have to be exact the power is from your intention:

 I love myself in this moment. I release all that blocks me from my highest self in this moment. I am light and love. I am open and my energy is clear. I am protected. I offer gratitude.  

 Go inside and prepare a cup of tea/hot beverage of your choice as do you this be aware of your thoughts and be inviting the intentions you want to focus on in this next month to become clear. Once your drink is ready hold it in your hands and offer gratitude for this moment, for clarity, for peace. As you sip the drink feel yourself and your intentions being supported. When you are through you can return any drink left to nature by pouring it into the ground and if you use a teabag/grounds/peels those should be buried or composted.

 To conclude you may want to take a moment to journal your intentions, or sit in meditation/stillness (Dhyana mudra is good for this), whichever feels right to you. When you are done take a breath to have closure and offer gratitude.

 I hope you move into this next month with curiosity and joy! XO Lulu