Hey loves…it’s that time of the month…. no, not that time, but maybe it is for you, and then how wonderful that your cycle has synched with the moon’s cycle, and maybe there is something to explore there, but before I go down that rabbit hole…HI, it is the new moon. if you are new here you can go back and read the post “A little new moon magic”, where I tell you that I am NOT an expert, I find this curious and fun and magical and I like to share! One of the reasons this has become important to me is because we repeat this cycle each month. Allowing us to PRACTICE…somethings fall into place seamlessly, some things require that we revisit them many times, some go through MANY moon cycles before they come to fruition, and like any other marker of time (birthdays, holidays, seasons, etc.), we can use ritual/practice/celebration, whatever you want to call it, to connect with ourselves and each other and access joy….So with that being said, ENJOY! The new moon in Libra, is bringing our attention to our relationships. It is also the first solar eclipse of the season, I did not realize that these always occur on a new moon and amplify the energy of that season. 

This season is a time for us to reflect on our relationships with others as well as ourselves. You may want to look at what you need to let go of that is not working for you, where you need to set a boundary in order to step into a more equitable phase. The Libra new moon is going to have you leaning into community and socializing, reconciliation and new collaborations. In all of these we are looking for balance and support, and you might feel energized in negotiating to make things more just or fair. I invite you to be curious in your relationships with both yourself and others, and wonder where you may need to bring balance and what that would look like, feel like, be. 

This is a powerful time to set your intentions for the month ahead. Just as the moon grows brighter, by focusing your energy and checking in with your thoughts/habits, you are creating the space to grow your light. This is the time of the month for the “fresh start”, and that happens when we reflect on what is working an release what isn’t. As I have said before, practices or rituals are a way to connect to the little things you are doing by adding in the power of your intent. Making tea, journaling, being in nature, moving your body, can all be a way to connect and become the foundation for you to make clear what it is you want to manifest, but you can get creative and I love when you share your practices with me! 



IF you can go outside, but if not you can do this part inside. Take a moment and stand with your feet on the earth connecting to your breath and grounding you. Allow your thoughts to slow and repeat in your mind (or out loud): I love myself in this moment, I am release all that blocks me in this moment. I am light and love. I am open and my energy is clear and protected.

Go inside and take a moment to prepare your space, get your comfiest pajamas ready and if you have access to a dryer warm your favorite towel for after. If you have essential oils you can add some drops to the tub/shower floor, light a candle or incense, play some soft music, create a sacred ambiance and as you do this be aware of your thoughts, reflect on your relationships and be inviting the intentions you want to focus on this next month to become clear. Take your bath/shower and feel the obstacles and things that are not serving you be washed away. Offer gratitude for the release. Visualize your intentions as you want them to be. As you dry off and get into your comfortable clothes, allow your attention to go to the boundaries that you may need to support you in your relationships.

To conclude you may want to journal your intentions, or sit in meditation/stillness, whichever feels right to you. When you are done take a deep breath and offer gratitude, intentionally completing your ritual.