Hello Loves….

I was listening to someone talk the other day and they were talking about transitions and specifically the transition from caterpillar to butterfly. The caterpillar knows when it is time and makes the cocoon and goes in and then transforms into a butterfly. Now, the part I want to talk about today is the part between caterpillar and butterfly. This person called it the gooey part. This has stuck in my head ever since I heard it! I LOVE IT!

So I am curious…..Where in your life are you gooey?! I hope that the answer isn’t “Umm, that’s gross! Aaand I am  NOT!”. WHY?! Well, because the gooey, sticky, messy part….THAT is where the MAGIC happens.  We have to move through that part to emerge as our transformed selves ready to fly!

In order for transformation in our lives….physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, in relationships, at work, any way you show up…..we have to move through a scary time when you let go of one way of being in order to grow and that isn’t always neat and tidy. We have to move through letting go and unknowing parts, and sometimes you have to get stuck in it for a bit longer than you want because your wings just aren’t ready yet and you have some strength to build.  This can sometimes feel fucking hard….and that is ok. It sucks, and I am sorry, but you WILL move through, you won’t be there forever, and if you look around you may see some friends in the gooey part as well and maybe take a breath and recognize the incredible work you are doing and that it is just the gooey part.

So that is why I hope you have at least one place in your life that feels a little gooey, some part that is growing, some part that is curious about what happens next and what is possible. It might be something small (cutting or growing out your bangs!), or something major (a divorce, a big move, time for a job change, the first months being alcohol free)…and whatever your gooey parts are, maybe you can find a little joy there, or at least smile at calling them the gooey parts.

Keep going…keep getting curious and I’ll see you in the goo…XO Lulu