Hey Friends…. DON’T LET PERFECT STOP YOU FROM BEING GOOD! This is a favorite of mine, and I am going to get curious about how this shows up in our lives in so many ways… today I am talking about friends or connections and there will be more so stay tuned for when this little gem pops up in the future.


I was at a conference yesterday and they were talking about recent studies that show “being social” and having a peer group is as beneficial to your health as quitting a pack a day smoking habit. This is especially important for longevity as we get older and “friendship” seems to take a backseat to family, kids, work, and ALL the other things you are balancing. So here is your reminder…take a minute RIGHT NOW…and I mean go do this and then come back and read the rest RIGHT NOW… grab your phone and text 1 person in your life that you have been “meaning to connect with” and it just keeps getting crazy and you are going to do it “when you have time and tell them that you are thinking of them or that you love them or that they matter or  that you know that things have been busy, and but you just want them to know that you care…I’ll do mine. Done?! GOOD!  So often we put off just that because we want more…we want a night or a whole day or a long conversation or a whole weekend and because we can’t do the “perfect” we get paralyzed and don’t do anything.

 Now, take a breath. How did it feel to send that note? How GOOD does it  feel when you get an “out of the blue” message/note/text from someone? I’m curious about what the ripple effect of that feeling is through your day. What happens when we keep that love spreading? Just like our gratitude practice starts to turn our attention to the good in our life, when we give ourselves permission to be “good enough” you are releasing so much guilt, shame, anxiety and improving your happiness, contentment, and overall wellbeing. I’m not just talking my woo-woo feelings either, I am talking about oxytocin (happiness/trust hormone) being released, cortisol (fight/flight) being lowered, little hits of dopamine (pleasure hormone) … like actual brain chemistry stuff! AGAIN…I am NOT a doctor, but just sharing what I have learned and cannot encourage you enough if you want more to go and read the studies and if you find one to share, please let me know!

 I want to make a special note here about the studies on isolation. Elderly people especially can feel isolated and separated as they age and their peer groups become smaller, and since there is PLENTY of evidence of our culture’s lack of support or valuing those who are aging, I cannot encourage you enough to take a moment to call, FaceTime, send a note or a text, or make a date with a person in your life that is aging. Encourage them to be involved and connected with their peers through the local senior center or library or other groups and if that seems daunting to them, invite them to take a class with you…I know one that is SUPER FUN! (wink, wink).

 You know what would be GOOD?!… Grab a friend and come to Curious Movement and together you can laugh, move, sweat, and connect! Sounds PERFECT?! 😊…see you there!  XO Lulu